Age Progression

A fun way to pass the time in Photoshop is through celebrity photo manipulation (or manipulation of pics of friends and family). Whatever your preference, making the young look old would be a great way to have a laugh at someone elses expense. I found a helpful tutorial online that allows you to age a picture to your liking.

Step 1: Find your pic!

The tutorial I found decided to pick on Katie Holmes — although there are about a million other people’s mugs I would rather manipulate than hers.

Step 2: Start manipulating!

This is easier said than done, obviously. To start, the user should thin the hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes using the Clone Stamp tool at 100%. Also use as thin a brush as possible.

Step 3: Mold the Face

In this step, careful attention is given to specific parts of the face that go through the aging process. Using the liquify tool, the push option can create sagging effects to the cheeks, chin, and eyes such as this:

Step 4: The Double Chin

Adding a double chin makes for a roaring good time, and doing so is pretty easy. Using the air brush tool, the user is able to blend in the skin from the neck with that of the face, eliminating the shadow and making it look like the neck has gained fat.

Step 5: Wrinkling the Eyes

This is an important step that makes the aging process look believable. Using the stamp and brush tools, the user can extend and widen features that are already present, or make some new features of their own.

Step 6: Reducing the lips

Making the lips look thinner is an easy step that makes your youngster look old. Using the stamp tool, sample the skin around the lips and then carefully take off enough of the lips so that there is the right amount of thinness.

Step 7: Planning more wrinkles

Using the brush tool, you can sketch out new types of wrinkles on a different layer that can then be placed over the original image.

Step 8: Add nuance

You can add ages spots, discolor teeth and more to create the ultimate old image. All that’s left to do is gray the hair!



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