Flooding Your Photo

I recently stumbled upon this tutorial on how to turn a normal city scene into a massive flood. Obviously, no one is going to flood their pictures for their photo essays, but there are a lot of good techniques used in the tutorial.

The tutorial shows you how to turn this London street:

Into this flooded disaster:

The tutorial uses a variety of techniques to alter and enhance the photo. Some of the more relevant techniques used are:

 Removing unwanted entities.

Using the burn tool.

Using transform tools such as wrap.

I attempted the tutorial with a picture of a bridge in Pittsburgh. This was the final product:

Hopefully someone can use some of these techniques to enhance their photo essays.  I won’t go into the details of how to create the scene, but if you want to try the tutorial (or learn more about the techniques) you can find it here:



One Comment on “Flooding Your Photo”

  1. That’s impressive! I’m taking small steps to learn Photoshop but hopefully I will be able to make those kinds of transformations soon!

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