The Wonderful World of JavaScript

I don’t always code in scripting languages, but when I do, I prefer JavaScript…just kidding. I never code in scripting languages, but hey, this could be a learning experience for everyone involved.

Essentially, JavaScript was created for web developers who wanted a more interactive and dynamic experience from their pet pages, and it’s not hard to imagine why it came so early in the game. Web pages at that point were great for loading content and getting commercial information to the public, but they had nowhere near the kind of interactive capabilities that we take for granted today. Want to load a few images client-side? Fuggeddaboutit. Maybe your page needs to manage a few user accounts? Fuggeddaboutit. Without a little scripting magic, your webpage will be dead to anyone but the server. Don’t let your page become another statistic.

If you’ve never programmed before, have no fear. Programming for any rationally thinking person is just a natural process of breaking large problems into more manageable ones, and if irrational thinking is more your style, not to worry; JavaScript has a place for you as well. Coding can be a structured professional skill, a creative outlet or even an awesome new drinking game to play with your friends, see graph below. You don’t have to be a computer mastermind to write a little JavaScript. In the next few weeks, I’ll introduce a few concepts of programming as well as some essentials for coding in JavaScript.

Ballmer Peak


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