Make those Colors Pop!

A fun and simple technique to use in Photoshop, isolating colors allows certain hues to POP in your pictures.  I never knew how to do this, then finally looked up how to do it using the most useful tool on the web, GOOGLE, and… VIOLA… it’s simple as pie!  Follow these few steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Choose a pic

I chose my beautiful sissy Rihanna as my practice muse… haha. But feel free to pick whom or whatever you’d like! Open the picture in photoshop.  Double click the background layer to unlock the layer. Rename it and press OK.










HINT: The better quality your picture, the easier it will be to isolate the colors in your pic.

Step 2: Magic Wand Tool

Use the Magic wand tool from your toolbar to select the part of the image with the color you want to POP.  Zoom in to make your selection more precise. I chose RiRi’s red hair and lips. Notice the marching ants surrounding my selection in the picture below. After selecting copy and paste (command C + command V) your selection into the layer section, which should create a new layer.







Step 3: Turn everything else black and white

Finally, turn your background layer black and white by clicking the menu bar —> image>adjustments>desaturate.  Your background image should now be black and white.











Step 4: Congrats! You’ve isolated colors in Photoshop.  Your final image should look something like this:











VIOLA! It’s done 🙂



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