Apples, so sleek and tasteful… Yum!

I am a strong supporter of Apple–yes even before the hype… I come from an Apple family, haha. They’re known for innovation and awareness of what their customer needs and the Apple website is no exception. Every time I open safari on my Apple, I am welcomed by the sleek yet simple design of  It is the perfect balance between simplicity and function and tasteful design.  While the design does not consist of an array of colorful themes, it makes up for it in high quality images that almost pop out of the screen and functional navigation.

The design of the site fits well with the Apple brand and the product–sleek and modern.  The color scheme is silver and grey, similar to the Macbook Pro I’m currently typing on right now as a matter of fact, haha.







The apple site is very easy to navigate.  With the wide variety of services and products provided by apple, the site manages to provide a lot of content without seeming too cluttered.  Everything is clickable.  The navigation is broken down by product.  With each page you get a quick snapshot of everything and the option to click for a more detailed description.

This page, for example, is for the iPod.  It is complete with a flash list of iPod products (all clickable) and iTunes product.  The balance of soft and bold print also aid the navigation. The site also contains clickable Flash slideshows displaying all of the apple products.







While the site is for the consumer, the site is tastefully worded so that customers do not feel pressured to buy, but can actually make an informed decision. Wording is very important in a website.  There’s just enough information to get you wanting more and click on the links.  Every new link offers the opportunity to “Learn More.”  The site, however, is not a page full of new links.  It’s very image based and pleasing to the eye.

The Apple website is a GREAT example of a good website. See for yourself at Apple.


2 Comments on “Apples, so sleek and tasteful… Yum!”

  1. jasminerae0420 says:

    If anyone can explain these big chunks of white space in my post feel free to provide some assistance! It didn’t look like this in the preview. *confusion*

  2. regisfrey says:

    It has a bunch of extra paragraph tags. Try viewing the article in the HTML view and deleting any

    tags that don’t contain anything more than spaces.

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