Bad Lip Reading

I wanted to share and analyze Bad Lip Reading.  For political junkies, or anyone that might appreciate a good spoof of some popular musicians, this website is something you might enjoy.  It’s also relevant because it is a website made using a social media website.

For those of you unfamiliar with the website, BadLipReading is a Youtube channel website that spoofs music videos and politicians by overdubbing vocal audio in a humorous way.  It began doing so with music videos and later added politicians, which it is more prominently recognized for.  It’s been mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine,, and The Rachel Maddow Show to name a few.  The website is simple and intuitive and can be found at

The website has a Title heading at the top of the page, and a tab with links to their different social media and video sites to the left including YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, etc.  They also allow for feedback and even sell merchandise.  The videos are embedded in the center of the page and you can scroll through from the most recently uploaded to the oldest.  There are also links to “share” any of the videos on your personal Twitter of Facebook pages.

The “Bad Lip Reader” behind the channel is an anonymous Texas-based music and video producer.  In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said he got the idea from his mother, who went deaf at the age of 40.  She was great at lip-reading, but he never developed the skill.  It’s interesting in the context of our course to note that the creator of this media used the social media site Tumblr (much as we are using social media sites) to reach millions of people with his creation and also chose to remain anonymous in doing so – just another example of the importance and wide reach of social media.



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