xkcd.com and Website Layout

Last week I wrote a bit about one of xkcd‘s comics. This week I’ll continue the xkcd theme, but I’ll examine his website layout instead of an individual comic. xkcd.com uses a simple and easily navigable layout.


The colors aren’t exciting, but they don’t distract you from the clear focus of the page, the comic. His title is concise and gives you all of the information you would need about his page in a condensed space. The links are all stored in one place, and navigation is simple and intuitive.

His layout is successful, because he presents all of the information and links needed, and he doesn’t get so caught up in making his page flashy that you forget to pay attention to the important things. He keeps the page updated, displaying his newest comic on the homepage and the older ones in an archive. The archive is simple to get to, you can either click the arrows above and below the comic to see them individually or click the archive link to see them listed chronologically.

He also has a search feature which is a must for any website that is going to display a large volume of work. They’re simple and elegant, and if the visitor knows what they want they’re much more efficient than an archive page.



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