Beauteous Borders

Since our third photo essay has to be a montagey-collagey creation that I suspect could easily turn messy, I thought adding a border would be a nice way to give the illusion of cohesiveness. Or, you know, enhance the cohesiveness your Photoshop skills naturally create =)

I’m starting with a picture of one of my beloved dogs from home, a Doberman lab named Beowulf. Here, she had the misfortune of being too close to my friends and I a few New Years Eves ago.


The mighty Beowulf gamely sports a party hat

Adding a border is really easy and essentially only requires you to know how big you want it and what color. First, go up to the “Image” option on the top menu and select “Canvas Size.”


Note "Image"

Make sure that the “Relative” box is checked, which puts the values in the “width” and “height” boxes at 0.

In those boxes, type in the size of your desired border, normally range from .25-3 inches, depending on how radical you feel. I went with a solid .75 inches.

Alternate colors available in the drop-down menu

And then you can do sexy things like add another boarder for a matted look. A word of caution, however. Do not try and do anything that changes the size of your picture once you’ve added a boarder because the canvas size changes again, effectively ruining or flat out deleting your border. This is purely a finishing touch effect to polish your masterpiece up! Good luck!


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