“WOW-ing” your words

As we all fight to finish Phase 3 of our photo essay, you might be thinking to yourself “Man, I wish this didn’t look so boring”. Well, here is a simple solution to that temporary problem.

It is a requirement to add a caption/phrase/quote/whatevs to our final phase, so why not make it look exciting? Just for demonstration purposes, I’m going to use a photo I took at my friend’s wedding this past weekend. And on account of being extremely original (sarcasm), I will use the caption “flower” in a fancy, feathergraphy font I downloaded.

Notice, by adding text through the “Horizontal Type Tool” button, it automatically created an additional layer (which is good for future editing):

Now, this is where the fun comes in. Make sure the “Horizontal Type Tool” is still selected. Then, click on “Create Warped Text”, which can be found towards the top (It has a little “A” with a curve underneath of it). The “Warp Text” box should pop up, and here is where you can mess around with the styles, bends, and horizontal and vertical distortion. I chose “Flag” (my personal favorite) and adjusted the bend, horizontal, and vertical aspects. This is what happens:

Cool, right? But there’s more. That white color stands out a little too much for my liking. After clicking “OK” on the Warp Box, I right click on the actual caption in the photograph and select “Layer Style”. There are so many options to choose from, so really you have to just play around until you find the perfect combination. Take a look at what I chose:

I click “OK” but don’t like the way the “r” in “flower” cuts across the top of the glass. So I shift it down just a tad, and voila! Instead of placing your solid color text flat on the photo, you know now a great, easy way to “WOW” your words! Enjoy! 🙂


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