A Good Reason to Use Box Shadows

I thought it would be cool to have some sweet shadows in my website. So I was looking for ways to add shadows in CSS.  I happened to find this blog experimenting with some ridiculous box shadows.  The post shows 39 different box shadows, everything from a light source shadow to a batman shadow.  You can check them out here… http://www.viget.com/uploads/file/boxshadows/



The post also explains the basic properties of box shadows in CSS.  All of the box shadows can be made by editing only six different properties: inset, left, top, blur, size, and color.  I thought it was interesting that you could create so many different shadows by using different combinations of the six properties.  If you want to read the post you can find it here… http://www.viget.com/inspire/39-ridiculous-things-to-do-with-css3-box-shadows/.



Supposedly, you can only view these box shadow effects in Google Chrome, but I was able to view them in Safari.  Unfortunately the post didn’t include a tutorial on how to actually add these box shadow effects to an object in CSS.  So now I will probably be spending my time trying to figure out exactly how to apply some of these effects to my website.


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