Another Web Site to Waste Time On!

So instead of teaching you all how to do something specific, I wanted to open you up to a magnificent resource that I stumbled upon. It’s all about doing it yourself, right? Anyways, I was combing the internet for tips on how to build a web page that changes certain content whenever you refresh it (does anyone know how?!?) when I came across…wait for it… ! This website is basically a resource for those who are trying to learn the nuances of Cascading Style Sheets, such as ourselves. Some great features of this website includes various ‘How-To’ articles, interactive forums to learn from others, a gallery of neat web pages that people have built, and even downloads so you can do neat things with your own site (although learning it yourself is necessary!!!) Perhaps my favorite thing about this site are the videos – they are so well done and easy to follow that they seriously remind me of the Adobe tutorials that we are required to watch for class.

Relating back to the topics of last weeks’ posts, not only does this website contain amazing content that is helpful to aspiring CSS masters, it’s also very well-designed and easy to navigate. I encourage everyone to check it out!


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