Download Cool New Tools for Photoshop!

You are no longer limited to the tools provided to you on Photoshop! There is a world of downloadable tools available to you on the world wide web that can make you photo essays look much more awesome.  Let us make use of them… what do you say?  The new tools I discovered are brush tools.  There are a variety of brushes you can download and with them you can create cool effects.

The last four brushes are ones downloaded from the internet to create the awesome fractured image effect shown in the video.





Using these ☝ downloaded brushes, you can spruce up your phase 2 or phase 3 images like so:









Cool Right? Well you can download the brushes used in this tutorial from Adobe Exchange.  Sign up for an Adobe account, (it’s free…), and you can download a variety of new tools for Photoshop and other Abode programs!  Once you’ve downloaded your new brushes, learn how to create the paint splatter dispersion effect shown above by watching this video: Fractured Image Effect- Photoshop.  Hope your trials turn out as cool as the video!  ***My first try didn’t–haha.  BUT remember, practice makes perfect folks.

-Jasmine 🙂


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