Inserting animated .GIFs into your website!

If you’re like me, seeing small animated pictures embedded into different websites causes glee and delight. I can never get enough dancing bananas, smileys or embarrassing celebrity moments put to an endless loop.

With the knowledge that our websites must have an animated feature, this quick and easy guide should come in handy when the time comes for you to add such a feature.

First, you should find the animated gif of your choice. There are a ton of great websites out there that have many unique and free gifs, but there are also many more sites that will spam you with messages of congratulations and promises of erectile dysfunction correction. I’ll try to stray you away from such sites. is one such site and has over 13,000 animated pictures to choose from.


There are handy-dandy categories on the left side, so choose from one that interests you. I’m going to go with something charming, like Beavis portraying the Great Cornholio.


From here, you can either right click and save the image to a location (i.e., your flash drive) or you can choose to upload the image source into your HTML code directly. Go to your open page in DreamWeaver and select insert, and then image.

After that, you can select the animated gif. Make sure the gif is saved to your root directory along with your main page, or you will get an error image on your website.

Now hit enter, and your image should automatically be added to your HTML file. Save your work, then hit the “Put File” arrow to upload the image to your website. If everything worked correctly, you should have an animated gif in your webpage. It’s that easy!


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