The idea of composing a “soundscape” intrigues me.  More often than not, I find it hard to slow down and appreciate the environment around me, so I cannot wait to take a stab at this podcast. At first I had a hard time picking a location, but after looking up soundscape examples on Youtube I was able to narrow it down. I decided it needed to be a place that you can truly identify with just sound. (To see what I chose, check out the post on my webpage!)

Or if you still need inspiration check out the videos I found:

This first is called “Industrial Landscape.”  In this clip, factory sounds have been recorded and edited to create an industrial percussion.  Occasionally you hear the drawn out horn of a steam boat.  It’s a very ominous but interesting composition.

The second video is called “Pencils.” This clip features amplified noises of writing utensils. It reminds me of that anxious moment when you’re in the middle of an exam but you can’t focus because the person next to you won’t stop tapping their pen/pencil/foot.

The sounds recorded in these videos paint such a vivid picture that you don’t even need to watch the video to know exactly what sound is being recorded.


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