Want A Search Bar?

If you have a large website or just want a searchable index of some sort, you may have considered adding a search box. This is relatively simple, and it comes with a few extra perks as well.

There are essentially three steps to setting up your search bar. I will show you where to do these, but since I don’t have a website to use as an example I can’t show you each step.

1.) http://www.google.com/webmasters/

Your first step is to head over to the Google webmasters feature.  You’ll need an account, but you can use it to index your site. That’s important. If it’s not indexed the next steps won’t work. While you’re there you can get statistics on your site: which pages are most visited, problems you may have, how to get started with Google adverts, etc.


Back to Google! This time it’s the CSE (Custom Search Engine). The CSE is still in beta development, so it isn’t perfect, but it is one of the easiest ways to implement a search feature on your site. The steps are rather self explanatory. You need a name, a website(s) to be searched (the websites must be indexed), and you have to decide whether to allow Google to display ads or pay $100 to do away with ads.

3.) The code!

At the end of your journey on CSE you will be presented with some code. Paste that code in wherever you want a search box. All of the processes  are done in Google’s own server, but the interface will be on your site.


Happy Searching!


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