Narrative Videos on Objects

For my narrative video, I was especially interested in how objects can be used to tell a story, but I found relatively little by way of example on the Internet.  My real question is how can an audience perceive a story intuitively from close up visuals and the tone or style of music playing in the background?  So in my first example, I found a video that takes beautiful shots of Pittsburgh to characterize the area:

In this video, there are no characters, but rather composed shots and scenes that give viewers the feeling that they are exploring a city.  Instead of a traditional storyline, the audience must gather information from scenes and stitch them together to better understand a place.  The time lapse gives a feeling of timelessness that draws you out of any coherent storyline, but rather brings you into the scene and draws attention to the details and specificity that make Pittsburgh an interesting city.  Pittsburgh is the main character in this video.

The second example ( is different because it features a montague of fast-paced scientific “objects” that visually impress the viewer and a voiceover that ruminates on a quote that explains the wonder of science and technology.  We see character in the voiceover, but it is the objects and images that are defamiliarized in a way that makes them fascinating.  In a way, these objects and formulas and their fast-paced movement are meant to emulate the nature of technology to quickly change faster than most people can keep up with.  These objects are meant to mezmorize the viewer so that the quote (and the enthusiasm from the voiceover), really is astonishing.  Without them, the video would be boring and pointless.  But since the form the objects take in the piece follow their function, it works to keep an audience interested the whole time AND afterward. 

For my video, I’d like to find a way to use objects to tell or characterize a person or a relationship.  How can images monopolize the whole video, but still carry as much weight as a full-fledged traditional narrative?  By choosing the right objects (the kind that the viewer can infer a story from), and the right music for the mood of the piece, a video with few people/characters can have just as much emotional impact on an audience. 



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