One of My Favorites!

When searching to find a good example of a narrative video, many came to mind. For me, a good narrative video is one that grabs your attention, keeps your interest till the very end, and indirectly tells a story without shoving the message in your face. After narrowing down my choices, I selected a video that was made about a year and a half ago. My friend, Kylie, who goes to school in Australia, actually contributed to the making of this short film. It’s original, complex, but simple at the same time.

You can view the video, .LOVE is a verb., here:

This video is a favorite of mine for many reasons.

One: the idea behind the film is ordinary. Really, all that is used in .LOVE is a verb. is paper, markers, and post-its. Kylie and her friend run around campus posting these notes that read “Love is a verb” on them. The run time is 3 minutes. Who would have thought that a topic so simple could turn into a story and become extraordinary?

Two: the message that is being portrayed is unique and extremely visual. We all throw around the word “love” in numerous circumstances and for numerous reasons, but we never really sit down to think what that word actually means. “Love is a verb” tells the viewers that not only is love an emotion, but it’s an action as well. The fact that Kylie and her friend are actively running from location to location coordinates with the message well. There are no spoken words, but the message is still comprehensive. We understand from watching the video, not by reading long lines of text or listening.

Three: the filming techniques make the narrative video a success. In this film, there are many short, choppy scenes. I believe that works in this case. It gives the viewers a feel for being in different environments. Being that it is a bright, sunny day with warm colors, the video displays joy and warmth. Also, it makes it seem like the video is a lot longer than it really is. For example, when Kylie and her friend write in the notebook, they always come in, sit down, and flip the page to began a new note. To us, that represents different times of the day that these notes are being written. If this was a constant, ongoing scene, it would be boring and not give off the same effect. The filming and effects makes .LOVE is a verb. fun and meaningful.

This video has given me inspiration for my own narrative video. I think there is a lot of power in words that are seen visually, and I plan to incorporate some of the same concepts into my work.


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