A chilling narrative video

I spent several hours viewing short films and narrative videos on YouTube to find something that really struck me.  The video I am analyzing, titled “This is the world we live in”, is not the fanciest or most creative video I watched.  It was however the most striking and to-the-point.  Those qualities made me want to watch it again and again and it is the video I am going to analyze.

This short video is a compilation of videos that display the juxtaposition of  life in America to other third world countries. The video does not utilize a script but relies on dramatic music and visually stimulating pictures.  The pictures alone, successfully display the message of the video.

After viewing this video what were your thoughts?

For me, I questioned how life for myself could be so much richer than that of a girl my age in a third world country.  Was it solely because of where I live? Is it because of the leadership of my country? At one time were the lives of those poor people better? I was struck with a million thoughts after watching this video.

A video that stimulates such questions and thoughts is a successful one.  In one minute and ten seconds my mindset and emotional feelings were changed. Regardless of the novice quality of the video a message was effectively spread.


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