Everyone Could Use Some Help

I looked through a variety of short, narrative videos before I found one that I really liked.  I was looking for one that was very simple, but also effective.  I happened to come across this video called “Some Help”.  The video gets the point across very well and by the end of the film the viewer finds out the true meaning of the title.



The video is very short but I think it works well with the concept.  The narrative is about a guy who recently locked his keys in his car.  While walking back to his car, he finds a thief trying to break into his car.  He originally acts friendly to the thief and lets the thief unlock the door.  All the while, he never lets the thief know that it is his car or that he knows that the man is actually a thief.  After the car is unlocked, he fights the thief off and puts him to sleep.  The man then sits in his car and calls his friend to let him know that he no longer needs help getting his car unlocked.


Throughout the short film, the viewer does not know exactly what is going on.  The true plot of the video is not known until the very end, when the man sits in his car and calls his friend.  The overarching narrative is then revealed in the phone conversation.  I think this works very well in keeping the viewers attention.  I was very curious while watching the video to find out what the main plot of the narrative was.  I also liked the slight humor involved in the story.  The man lets the thief break into his car before stopping the thief.  In a real situation, if anyone saw someone breaking into their car they would immediately intervene.  Instead, the man keeps calm and lets the thief continue on with his crime.  The thief ultimately helps the man, since now the man no longer has to worry about getting his car unlocked.


I think it would be very interesting to incorporate an idea like this into a narrative video for the class.  The plot works well in a short narrative video and the ambiguity keeps the viewers interested in the film.  The slight humor also helps “defamiliarize” the thief, turning his crime from a nuisance to actual help.  All of these techniques together combine for an interesting short film.


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