Minute Narrative

A narrative can be many things. All that is required of it is that it connect events. This made it both exceedingly difficult and exceeding easy to find one to write about. Easy, because everywhere I looked I was finding narrative videos, but difficult, because I had to choose one of them.

In the end I decided to stick with my stick figures and go over to minutephysics on Youtube. If you haven’t watched any of his stuff before, you really should. He does exactly what it sounds like he does. He teaches physics in a concise (minute to a couple of minutes) format. The video I chose was the first one that Youtube showed me, because it doesn’t particularly matter which I go with. They have the same components, style, and are all narratives. Here it is:

What I think makes his videos  good examples of narrative is that they are concise and entertaining. He doesn’t get caught up in trappings and effects and just presents his point. This is something that is especially important in an educational video as extra speaking tends to only confuse the viewer. He blends a little bit of humor with simple graphics and a clearly spoken monologue to make something that is difficult and technical seem accessible to someone that may not have understood it before.


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