Double Feature (A Miraculous Adventure to Nowhere in Particular)

This post is a latecomer but I’ll make it a double feature.

For the $3 Million Prize

Top billing goes to The Kickstarter video for Double Fine Adventure. It is cleverly written, well shot, and helped raise nearly 3 million dollars ($2,776,780 at the time of writing).

This video is visually dynamic. It never stops moving. From the upward panning establishing shot to when Tim Schafer plops down on the lobby sofa stuff is happening. This is mostly due to Tim moving forward like a steam roller, through drum set and onward. When the camera itself isn’t moving Tim is as animated as can be. The only exception to this is the point and click adventure joke but the still shot and limited movement contrast with the rest of the piece and serve the purpose of that joke.

It’s also a useful video to look at because 2 Player Productions (the film crew involved) gave a breakdown of how they produced it. My favorite trick they mention is using a quick spin to the side to simulate proximity between two scenes.

They had the advantage of having a clear set of information they had to deliver along with a humorous script. Still, many Kickstarter videos fall flat because it is just a creator in one shot talking to the camera. The video is clearly aware of how dangerous a person talking in a still shot is. They even parody the common “didn’t see you there” joke that many hopeful Kickstarters open their videos with. This indicates that they’ve done their homework on what works and what doesn’t. And work it did, plenty of youtube videos bring in 3 million views but how many can net 3 million dollars?

Honorable Mention

The honorable mention goes to Lion Attack for their entry into Apple’s Insomnia filmmaking competition titled “Nowhere in Particular”. This short uses super saturated colors, aggrandized costumes, odd props, stunning locations, and indie sounding music to create a Wes Anderson style alternate reality.

I love when film draws you into a world different from ours. We have tools and tricks at our disposal to create a hyper-reality in film. I respect those who attempt to use film to accurately portray the world such as the neo-realists and documentarians, but my interest in film lies in creating something beyond the real.

Lion Attack launched a Kickstarter project awhile back to fund their next filmmaking endeavor “In Search of the Miraculous“. I was glad to be their first backer because I believe their creative vision is much like mine: founded on the desire to introduce more magic into the world. That’s my goal with my short narrative film and I’ll certainly be copying some of the techniques in both of these videos.


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