Narrative Video, meet Quantum Physics

I chose this “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” because it uses visual tools to transform what may have been a confusing and frustrating piece of subject matter into an interesting venture into the unknown. For the majority of us, quantum physics and the concept of dimensions beyond the typical three becomes cumbersome without some way to keep track and express it. This video uses objects that are familiar to us to refer to unknown objects by highlighting the commonalities between them. Take a look:

Notice that the creators not only turned a two dimensional drawing board into a multidimensional Ā palette, but they also made it interesting by writing a story into the video. They tap into centuries of science fiction to transform something bizarre into something manageable, albeit still a little strange. By referencing stories that we know well, the video also makes it easy to retain subject matter that would be too dense on its own.

The sound effects used in the video also serve important purposes. They ingrain characteristics of objects in different dimensions by connecting them to action sounds. For example, when a three dimensional object is imagined at one point in time (the 4th dimension), we hear the sound of an arrow finding its mark. Whether we notice it consciously or not, the sound reinforces what we are being told; that one object is planted in time. Similarly, the sound of crimping paper is used when folding one dimension through another as in time travel (skipping in the fourth dimension by folding through the fifth dimension) to reinforce the idea of acting on a dimension.

“Imagining the Tenth Dimension” uses a narrative video format to demystify a medium which we access everyday, and leaves us some familiarity with infrequently used methods of travel through it.


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