Putting Up

Although “putting” my website on the Internet is something I did without a problem from day one, putting the entire thing up when I wanted to was a task I did not master until recently. I used to simply click the “up” arrow to put my site, but I was frequently frustrated in finding that only part of my site was making its way to the Internet. It turns out that a much easier and thorough method is to “synchronize” the site using the double arrow icon at the top of the folders panel. Though it takes a little longer to load, it saves a lot of headache later when you’re wondering where half your site went.

 After clicking on the double arrows, change the “synchronized” from “local files only” to “entire site” then click “preview” and “okay” after the dialog box with a list pops up. Make sure that every item is selected to “put” and voila! You’re done! 


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