Creating Fluid Flash Animation

Adobe Flash animated scenes are one way to add life and motion to your website without spending days learning new software. Each scene is built frame by frame (similar to a flip book), which makes designing your own scene a very simple process. I’ll introduce flash by using stick figures, as even the most artistically inept (like me) can create entertaining scenes using a few simple techniques. Take a look at the video below.

Adobe Flash uses layers, so if you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, mastering a few Flash techniques should be a breeze. In the video, the artist uses a separate layer for each body part of the stick figure character. This layering technique lets you treat each body part separately, which makes animating a run or any other natural motion much easier. He also uses the onion skin tool, which gives you a shadow of the previous frames. It’s easy to lose track of your character’s position when you’re twenty frames into the scene, so the onion skin tool becomes really handy for long or complex scenes.

Take a look at the flash videos I’ve posted on my website. Given, they’re not very impressive, but they do add some moving components to your site, which helps keep the interest of viewers. For the sound flash animation, i animated the head and the equalizer in the background using separate layers. This scene only required about thirty frames, but it seems fluid because it ends where it starts, with the head at the top of its path and an empty equalizer. When creating your flash scenes, make sure that your scenes have a circular design so that it seems continuous when looped.


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