Green Screen Tricks in Premiere CS5

I’ve always wanted to know exactly how to use a green screen to help transform a film in a video editing program.  So, I looked up some tutorials on how to use a green screen in Premiere.  I came across a tutorial that uses a new feature called the Ultra Key.  It seems like a very easy and useful way to utilize a green screen.  Here’s the tutorial if you would like to watch it:



The tutorial uses a variety of different techniques in Premiere Pro CS5.  One effect that is used in the tutorial is the garbage matt effect command.  Once added to the video clip, the effect is used to trim the edges of the video so the entire background of the frame is seen as a green screen.  It uses the background image to crop out any unwanted parts in the frame.  This way the green screen doesn’t need to take up the entire frame of reference; the green screen only needs to be cover the area behind what is actually being filmed.

The Ultra Key effect is then utilized next.  After adding the Ultra Key effect to the video frame, the eye dropper tool can be used to select the green screen color (or any other color your screen may be) to key in the color.  The selected color is then filled with the background image.  There is then a selection of other edits that can be adjusted to make the green screen better blend into the background image.  I think it would be very interesting to use this effect in a part of my short narrative film.


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