Shaking your video

If you’re like me and you plan on having an action sequence in your film, this tutorial might be for you. It’s relatively easy and makes for a great effect.

Step 1:

First, you’ll want to import your video into Premiere. Resize your clip so that the borders are outside of the frame. This ensure that there will be no black bars that take away from the effect.

Step 2:

Click on Effect Controls and then look for the label Position. There will be a tiny toggle icon next to it. Move to the portion of the video you’d like to add the effect to and then click on the diamond icon to create a key frame. The diamond will then appear at the point you selected.

Step 3:

Now you’re ready to actually create the effect. You’ll have to change the position of the y-axis, which is the second of two numbers on the Position line. Leave the first key frame with the default coordinate and create another key frame shortly after the first one.


Then you will move the second key frame y-axis down slightly to make the image move down. Repeat the process with many key frames one after the other, and alternate between moving the key frame up and down.




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