Stop-motion & Time-lapse

An animation technique I have been experimenting with for part of my film is stop-motion. To create movement you take a still picture of something, then move it a little, and take another picture. You keep doing that, moving the object little by little, until the motion is complete. When you put these photos together it seems as though the object is moving on its own.

This technique overlaps with another technique called time-lapse photography. In time-lapse you take photos every fixed interval (e.g. 5 minutes) and then stich them together to make hours pass in just minutes.

I’m trying to do a little of both where I move the camera for the stop motion effect but I do it in fixed intervals to get the changing color of the sky. I don’t know if it will work particularly well in the final piece but it seemed like a whimsical effect. Hope it helps.


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