JavaScript Confusion…

We’ve recently been assigned to embed several proposals on our site.  These things are pretty text heavy and we all know that too much text can turn people away from your site.  So, I took it upon myself to try to embed some JavaScript in my site that would allow people simply read an excerpt or to click read more if they wanted to see the entire text.  I attempted to clean up my website and lessen the amount of text on my page.  However, I failed miserably.  There must be some sort of syntax error in my code or it may possibly because I am less than an amateur when it comes to JavaScript.  Let me provide you with the same tools and guidance I used and maybe you guys can do a better job!  It’s a great tool to have.  Once you get the hang of JavaScript it can really do great things for your site.  It assigns behaviors to elements in your website allowing some interactive features on your site. If you’re interested in collapsible and expandable type on your site, please take a stab at this short ehow tutorial and let me know how it works out. I could really use some tips because I’d really like to use this feature to clean up my site.  Thanks guys and good luck!

-Jasmine Rae


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