Don’t Forget the Credits!

As soon as they flash onscreen, 90% of theater occupants immediately get up, grab their belongings, abandon their popcorn, and dash for the exit. They aren’t at all interested in reading the words scrolling before them. However, after spending a summer working at a movie theater, I’ve learned to appreciate the credits. I would patiently wait for everyone to file out before I slipped in to clean up their messes, left alone in the theater, just the credits and I. I couldn’t help but watch them.

Adobe Premiere doesn’t give you a lot of options for adding credits to your video, but there are several ways you can get the information you want tagged onto the end (or shown in the beginning) of your video. First, go to the top-most tool bar and click “Title.” There, under “New Title,” you’ll see options for Default Still, Default Roll, or Default Crawl.


A still is what it sounds like – just a shot of a frame of words to pop up in your video for however long you need it to. Roll and crawl animate the words, with roll having the words go vertically and crawl, horizontally. Upon choosing a method for displaying your text, you will then be taken to a screen called the Titler, where you can choose more options for your text.


Some options include text font, size, style, timing of display, whether you want it to start on-screen or off-screen, and more. Another important option to remember is that you can display your text on a plain, solid background, or you can also have your credits displayed over your video footage.

In conclusion, I believe Adobe Premiere could have more options concerning credits (just think of all of the movies that have sweet opening credit sequences where the words are involved with the video and such), but the options they do have are simple enough and get the job done. So go forth, and give yourself some credit!



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