Title! Title! Title!

As I sit here working on my narrative video, the thought just occurred to me, “Oh! I need a title!” I also thought how I didn’t want to have boring text on a black background to start my video. So where did I turn to? YouTube.

On YouTube, I found a cool tutorial on how to make an interesting, 3D introduction with a title. This kinda goes along with what Sarah posted below, but this tutorial also introduces new techniques that I had no clue existed.

You can view the tutorial here:

Even though there is no one speaking (mad props to the therapeutic music though), you can still understand what to do by observing. By following the mouse’s direction, we learn how to step-by-step create a title, add movement, and essentially incorporate a background on top of a background.

In a nutshell, first, you choose the background that you want within your title. Then, you add the title you want, with the correct font and size of your choosing. By using the “Track Matte Key”, you then manipulate the background to become a part of the text. After that, you choose the second image that will be your “true” background and place the title on top of it. Lastly, by choosing the “Basic 3D” effect, you can point out specific keyframes where you want a “tilt” in your title.

This gets rid of the “flatness” problem that I always run into. I want my title to “POP”. I also want it to engage my viewers right from the start so they are interested in viewing the rest of the video.

This tutorial is a possible solution to my issue. Although I am not exactly sure if I am going to use all the techniques presented here, I will definitely use some of them and keep the rest in mind for future projects.



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