Color Editing in Premiere CS5

Looking to alter the colors in your footage to better fit in with the mood of your narrative film?  While looking for an easy way to change the color in some of my video, I came across this tutorial:



The tutorial shows a variety of helpful tips and effects.  It uses effects such as the fast color corrector and the three-way color corrector.  The tutorial also gives insight on how altering the color in a clip can help better set the mood to tell the narrative.  Adding an orangish magenta hue to the clip can help give it a brighter, more nostalgic mood.  By taking the color in the opposite direction (to a cyan tint) and darkening the film a hint, you can give the clip a darker, spooky feeling.  By simply changing the color, you can totally alter the visual narrative of the film.  All of this can be done with the fast color corrector effect tool.  For more advanced color alteration, the three-way color corrector can be used.  This lets you separately change the colors on the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights, which gives more control over the color alteration.  Adding some of these effects to your narrative film can really help give it a completely different mood.


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