Using Adobe Premier’s leave color tool

Adobe Premier comes stocked with a number of useful audio and video effects, but it can be difficult to sift through and find one that is useful in a specific instance. The Leave Color tool can be useful in circumstances which require some object exaggeration or to create a striking contrast with a gray scale background. Additionally, it can create a clean, polished look to your video without adding hours to editing time.

Essentially, the leave color tool removes (or isolates) a chosen color from the video. You begin by creating beginning and ending time markers in your video, which will designate how long the effect will take hold. Next, use the eye dropper tool, which is provided in the leave color effect toolbox to select the colors you wish to isolate. Finally, change the “match colors” option to hue rather than RGB. In real videos, colors are not very consistent in any one object. The RGB Cartesian color model assumes that one red object will have a consistent amount of red throughout the entire object, while the cylindrical HSV (hue, saturation and value) model provides better association of similarly perceived colors.

Try using the leave color tool in your videos. I think you’ll be surprised how easy and effective it can be.


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