Looping soundtrack in Premiere/Soundbooth

My video project depicts several alcoholicbeverages coming to life while at a party. Naturally, you can’t have a party without some good dance music, so to solve copyright issues, i wanted to put a song such as “Party like a Rock Star” on an endless loop. Adobe happens to have a very simple and easy to use tutorial showing users how to do this.

First, you’re going to have to insert your video into Audition/Sound Booth. To do this, go to insert and then video from file. Once your video is in your work space, it will take up track 1, while the video’s audio will take up track 2. Right click the next empty track space and select wave from file. Then, select your audio file and hit ok. Now, you can drag with your cursor where you want the music to start and end.

Now, you’ll select the imported file and click view and then loop properties. The dialog box that pops up will have a box that says enable looping; check this. Set the time ruler to display in bars and beats by choosing View > Display Time Format > Bars And Beats.This allows you to better time the loop based on the beats present in the song.

Once you have enabled the file for looping, a series of diagonal lines appear in the bottom right corner of the loop. Position the cursor over these lines and drag to loop the file. Vertical dotted lines appear at each segment of the completed loop. Continue dragging to encompass the area where you want the loop to play.

Once you are satisfied with the mix, choose File > Save Mixdown To Video As. Navigate to a location to save your file, name it, and click Save. You can save the file only as an .AVI file. Then, import the file into your Adobe Premiere Pro project and drag it to the Timeline window. The file appears as you mixed it in Adobe Audition.

Source: http://www.adobe.com/ap/tips/prepaudition/


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