Meanwhile, in his parent’s basement…

Sadly, this awesome trailer is clearly a mash-up of various television and movie clips, not an actual movie trailer. I’ll be happy with The Avengers and am totally stoked for it to come out, but if someone doesn’t get on making a Justice League (Superman and Wonder woman! Come on!) movie soon, I’m going to start writing letters.

Until Hollywood realizes their mistake and makes a real Justice League movie, I’ll have to settle for fan-made trailers, which are conveniently a very nice example of the remix video genre we’ve begun work on.  This trailer expertly pulls from about 20 sources and arranges them to form a budding narrative: the world is under threat and it’s up to the epic team of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman , Martian Manhunter, and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) to save everyone. While the “plot” is fairly unoriginal, it is appropriate for the genre of movie trailers. The audience will presumably be more interested in a movie plot that doesn’t horribly mess anything up than an overly complex storyline.

Overall, this video is highly effective because it mashes together my favorite superheroes and explosions, so the 12 year old boy that permanently lives inside me is happy, which is essentially all I want out of a fan trailer. This clip further demonstrates all of the fun that can be had with remixes, we can make anything we want and the possibilities are as endless as Justice League’s badassery.


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