Can-can in Remixes

In trying to get ideas for remixes, I have been watching many videos on Youtube for the past couple of days. Most of what I came across tended to be quite technically advanced, probably due to many of my searches being biased towards those of Japanese origin and the Japanese videos that make it to Youtube come from very skilled and experienced mixers. However, a popular resource they use for mixes and parodies is the Can-can music, and there are countless mixes of various shows that sync speech clips and patterns with the music. They tend to be funny, but do not sound chaotic although it is just mashing together lines of speech. This was probably among the earliest types of mixes I saw before knowing what a mix was.

These kinds of remixes are too technical for me to attempt in this class, but at least they provided good entertainment. The important thing is that they provide some inspiration as I’m hitting a creative wall with the remix project. I think mixing videos with music as a coherent background element would make a good remix. Good luck to everyone for your remixes!


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