Here is my very belated remix post.  #bombthreatproblems  Feel free to comment on it!




(Just in case the video doesn’t play on the blog, here is the link to its Vimeo page.)


Short Clip From my Remix… Greed is Good (Rough Cut)

So guys here is a short clip from my remix… excuse the roughness of the video. I haven’t had access to Premiere so I’ve been working with imovie. Still working on it and putting together my clips to make a cohesive video. I’m open to any suggestions! It’s not much… more coming soon…

Greed is Good (Rough Cut Remix) from Jasmine I on Vimeo.

ZeFrank Has a Prayer for His New Show

If you don’t know ZeFrank, then you’ll want to browse the large collection of awesome that is

Disney Princess Remix (Attempt #3)

Here’s my remix on YouTube since nothing else seems to be working.

Sorry for the excessive posts!

Disney Princess Remix

Disney Princess Remix (Attempt #2)

So here’s my second attempt to get this working. The quality got messed up along the way, which will be fixed. Oh, and I still need to add credits.

Disney Princess Remix

Threat Level: Cathedral (Remix Rough Cut)

Watch it here.

My intent is to mix the serious problem with odd and humorous associations. The end is an attempt to not get too “rah rah lets tar and feather the bomber”, i.e. a warning of sorts, but I’m not sure how much I like it. Tell me what you all think.

Remix… 2

I gave up on Vimeo, so here is the YouTube link….