Darn you, Disney.

In approximately four months, I will begin my employment at the Happiest Place on Earth. Working for Disney had always been a dream of mine – not just a silly childhood wish, but an actual ambition, so much so that I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else after college. As both the primary shaper of a lot of my childhood and my employer, I hold the utmost respect and reverence for the organization – that’s why watching RiP! and learning about Disney’s staunch opposition to copyright infringement was really conflicting for me.

When the Remix project was first brought up, doing something Disney-related immediately popped into my head. However, after watching RiP! and looking around at various remixes online, I realized that I simply wouldn’t be able to. I would find links to ‘RLy kEWl DizNey ReMixeZ!” and then click on it, only to discover that YouTube had taken it down…due to copyright infringement. What I had wanted to do as a sort of tribute to Disney could not be done – it just wouldn’t be allowed.

for real…?

But when combing the interwebs for Disney-related remixes, I came across one that hadn’t been taken down (yet), and happened to be quite good. Codi mentioned earlier about the remix artist Pogo – I believe this is one of his creations. Reading about how it came to be, Pogo said that the audio was mixed using Adobe Audition, while Sony Vegas was used to make the video portion. Really cool that two different software programs were integrated to create something so seamless.

So, in conclusion – Disney, you yourself remixed history as you saw fit to create stories that dazzled my generation and many before and after it. Please don’t oppose remixes that transform your timeless material that continue to entertain the people who grew up on you – it’s like reliving the magic again.

Also, see you in four months.



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