Split Screen Effect in Premiere

For my independent project, I intend to show two contrasting ideas in a video.  To do this, I will use the split screen effect.  In teaching myself how to achieve the split screen effect, I came across two videos offering two different methods.  The first video suggests that you scale down the size of your videos evenly, which is under the motion tab.  If you expand the motion tab, there are options to scale and reposition your videos.  The other suggests that you crop your video.  This option is under video effects as well.  You can crop out certain parts of your video so that both can fit on the screen.  With this option you have to be conscious of this when you are filming as well.  You may want to film at a certain angle, being aware what part you will want to crop out.  Whichever option you choose, both methods are actually simpler than I thought. It’s a nice skill to have in your book of knowledge about Premiere. Check out these video tutorials for a detail description!




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