Unexpected in surprises in Video Remixes from Everythingisterrible

Since the topic of my video remix will continue our theme of defamiliarization, I want to talk about a site that has helped me find ways to use quick transitions and audio effects to defamiliarize the components of the remix.  everythingisterrible.com is completely full of video remixes that riff on past culture through fast-paced videos that surprise and entertain.

Take the first video for example, which remixes ads and television specials from 1985, creating a wonky, drug-induced depiction of the commercialized media industry in the 80’s.  The quick-cut ads, overly energetic, flash through as if to mimic the changing of the television channel, but the effect is to overwhelm and surprise.  The montage of advertisement jingles juxtaposed next to the head “playing” the cassette tape suggests that viewers might be “plugging” their minds into media, essentially distorting and defamiliarizing the everyday ads that show up on our television screens, thereby forcing us to consider our relationship with media.

I just chose to talk about the first post, but http://www.everythingisterrible.com/ is filled with great examples of creative video remixes that cover a huge range of topics, all just as unique and unpredictable.


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