Using vimeo as your media player

Hi all!

As I began wrapping up my narrative video and continuing work for my independent project, I realized that I wanted to find a great way to embed my videos in my website.  I wanted it to be a clean and simple design for my narrative video but I wanted to create a cool pop-out media player for my independent project.  So I turned to the internet, of course.  And not only did I find great steps to embedding vimeo files to my site, this tutorial also helped to explain how to embed a pop-out player. What a great 2-fer!

This tutorial, titled How to embed videos from vimeo, explains the simple way to put these videos directly in your site.  The player is asthetically pleasing and wont junk up the look of your site. So check it out!

A brief summary of the tutorial:

Although this is not in the tutorial, make a vimeo account and upload your videos to there. It will make it easy to access your video library if you forgot your flash drive or want to show friends on the internet.

For a simple video embedding, once you are viewing the video you want, click the embed button on the right side of the video. Vimeo will then provide you with code to put straight into your site!

A cool fact to know, before you copy your code, take a look down at the bottom of the dialog box for customizable player options! This allows you to change the colors and size of the video you will be embedding. How awesome!?

Changing the look of your player.

Check out the tutorial for more tips and tricks!



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