A Half Century of Coffee Remix (Rough Cut)


I used old coffee television advertisements and paired them with songs about coffee by popular artists from the 1940s to the 1990s to create an evolution of coffee culture in America over a half century.  Vimeo was taking forever so I had to use YouTube.  Feedback is much appreciated.


12 Comments on “A Half Century of Coffee Remix (Rough Cut)”

  1. sceraso says:

    Interesting/unlikely topic, Brian. Since you’re sort of doing a historical view of what coffee means or represents to Americans (or what advertising tells us it should mean/represent), it might be useful to have some more modern commercials for coffee (Starbucks, etc.).

  2. dvose says:

    I think that the music and old-time clips are great! Maybe look into using some transitions between each set (song and clip) to make it flow better, like a timeline of sorts.

  3. digitw1t says:

    I really liked it! And you could add modern commercials, but I’m not certain that you need them. It all depends on if you want the viewer to think about what they’re being told now, or if you want to tell them what they’re being told.

  4. Dana Layne says:

    Dear Brian,

    I like the font you chose at the beginning because it evokes western America, and it seemed like this video aimed to combine music and advertising throughout America’s history. I like how you used transitions in your video to reflect the mood of you audio (especially the heavy metal song). It gave us an idea of coffee through the ages, but I would have appreciated some indicator of time, perhaps build a timeline that specifies what year each clip comes from so that we can consider the historical period and better understand the relationship between ad and music and point in time.

  5. sarahmauer says:

    Definitely thought it was cool that you were able to find songs about coffee that fit so well with each clip, and that also showed a time progression both in audio and through video. I agree with some of the comments above regarding transitions, perhaps some quick footage of a clock fast-forwarding or a year flashing to indicate the progression of time?

  6. kcbz13 says:

    The use of music was great, and the uncle from Bewitched made me crack up near the end (and when the woman was spraying him with a stream of coffee….wtf?). You also sunc the last scene up nicely, which made it more effective. I’d like to hear some of the cheesy coffee jingles, but that’s just me.

  7. jcgilbride says:

    Really great use of complimentary audio and video. Nothing to critique except maybe work on the transitions to make things a bit smoother.

  8. fnha says:

    Really interesting topic, and everything seems to go together quite well. I did find myself focusing on the music more as I find it hard to believe that songs with lyrics like that exist.

  9. Mike D says:

    Cool theme, Brian. The number of songs you found about coffee is impressive. Other than a little fine tuning of the transition time, no suggestions here.

  10. codirae325 says:

    I can really get a sense of time while watching your remix, especially when you make the jump from black and white to color. The only suggestion I have is to better transition the clips together (maybe with fades and overlapping of songs).

  11. Melissa says:

    I think this topic is really interesting, and I bet if you made it all one brand you could sell it to Maxwell House or whoever haha. I wonder if you want to bring in the later decades a little earlier to help finish the “time elapsed” effect?

  12. jasminerae0420 says:

    Good stuff! The music transitions were so smooth. Still trying to figure out how to do that in my own work. Good song choices as well. Who knew there were so many songs about coffee? lol… I’m not sure how many songs there are about coffee but I agree with steph when she suggests that you should incorporate some modern coffee comercials as well. Good work!

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