Architecture remix (roughly)

Here you go! I like my audio, but I plan to change the video up a bit. I think it’s a little boring.




10 Comments on “Architecture remix (roughly)”

  1. kcbz13 says:

    I definitely agree about the music….it just fits the scenes for whatever reason. I like how you use video game architecture in addition to photos of real buildings, but would it be possible to get actual video of the buildings? I don’t know if that would make it better or not, but it would be cool to see.

    • digitw1t says:

      I’ve been looking for some good video of the buildings (or other buildings that would fit) to put there, but you’d be surprised how little actual buildings are recorded. They usually just show up in the background of something else, and I want to highlight architecture, not draw attention to the fact that people mostly ignore it. So I’ll keep looking. Hopefully, I’ll find some good footage.

  2. sceraso says:

    I think the music works well too. I’m not sure I get the point, though. What are you “remixing” or making us see in a new way? What message do you want viewers to take away?

  3. bsweeney17 says:

    As an architecture major myself, I think your idea is really interesting. I also like how you used real world and video game architecture. Maybe you could find a way of comparing them somehow? If your looking for some footage of some famous buildings you could check out this guys youtube channel

  4. dvose says:

    I like the music with it. Some transitions when you’re blending pictures of buildings could be sped up a little to match the beat of your music- this may be a way to help the video seem more energetic, like you suggested. And as Steph mentioned, I’m not so sure I understand your message.

  5. Dana Layne says:

    Whilst I dig the dub step, I think this remix needs a more specific connection to the video game landscape and the images of the buildings. Is this remix saying something about how architecture represents civilization, or is simply to juxtapose fictional digital landscape with familiar architecture that we easily recognize. You could make this connection clearer with audio that changes from the sound you have now, or additional video footage that puts this into perspective for viewers.

  6. Mike D says:

    I think the transition of time between scenes worked well with the dub step. To tie real world architecture to fictional architecture, you could work in a few transitions between the exit of a real building and the entrance of a video game structure.

  7. fnha says:

    I like the way you mixed video game architecture with real ones, but I don’t really see the connection there. Is the jumpy video intentional?
    Completely unrelated, but my favorite part is that the Petronas Twin Towers made it into your video. It’s quite rare seeing images from my country depicted elsewhere.

  8. codirae325 says:

    This is really interesting! The music definitely makes your remix more exciting. Perhaps adding skips and jumps to your video to go along with the beat of music would make it even better.

  9. Melissa says:

    I wonder if there is a way to make it clear that this is a video game world, not a pixelated reality. Great concept!

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