My Remix Rough Draft

You might want to listen with headphones because the sound is pretty bad on some of the clips, I still need to fix it in Audition. I think my intent is pretty self-explanatory, hope you all like this *very* rough cut of my remix video! 


11 Comments on “My Remix Rough Draft”

  1. sceraso says:

    Love these old cereal commercials. The sound definitely needs some balancing out, as you noted. As a viewer, I’m still a little unclear about the message you are trying to send and how the office clips go with the cereal clips. Is there a way to make their connection more explicit?

  2. digitw1t says:

    I get it. You were just aiming to point out how funny the phrases can be out of context. I like it, but I had problems hearing bits of it.

  3. sarahmauer says:

    Definitely was lol-ing to myself. I like how you are trying to point out the subtle lewdness of some of these old cereal commercials by following them with the classic The Office line…never before would have picked up on some of those as a child.

  4. bsweeney17 says:

    Once reading some of the other comments I got what you were going for. I like the idea and I think its pretty clever. Maybe fixing the audio and adjusting the volume in places will make the intent more evident.

  5. dvose says:

    Hilarious! Once you fix the sound I think it will be great. I also like how you made it more remix-y by using repetition of the clips.

  6. Dana Layne says:

    Dear Mel,

    I think this is a funny concept, but I am wondering if there is any more advertisement footage from when we were kids that would work here, too. I would like to see more examples, instead of just the cereal ads repeated. It does help to hammer in the point, but it would be even more drastic to see ads for children’s toys, games, etc contrasting with the adult joke after it. Really clever idea!

  7. jcgilbride says:

    I agree with what everyone else has said – I think tweaking the audio will help clarify the overall message of the remix. But I also think Dana brings up a really going point, it might be interesting to include ads other than cereal.

  8. fnha says:

    The message is not really clear to me, but now I have “that’s what she said” stuck in my head. It looks like you’re trying to say something about advertisements, and I agree with the other comments – improving the audio on those adverts may make it clearer.

  9. Mike D says:

    Awesome stuff, Mel. Really funny. The only suggestion I could make is that the video size can be fixed. You can change it fairly easily in Premiere in the upper right hand preview screen.

  10. codirae325 says:

    Nice! This is pretty funny! I would adjust the volume a bit, and maybe try to make your message clearer by connecting the cereal and office clips in a more vibrant way.

  11. jasminerae0420 says:

    Lol… I get it… “That’s what she said.” Like everyone else said, I think the jokes will come through a little clearer if you play with the volume. Some of the commercials were a little hard to hear. Good job though!

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