Remix… 2

I gave up on Vimeo, so here is the YouTube link….



10 Comments on “Remix… 2”

  1. Mike D says:

    I love how much influence the background track has on comedic tracks from “Always Sunny.” Complete 180. The text in between scenes shaped the scenes effectively as well. Maybe give it more of a story (Pick one or two characters to develop)?

  2. jcgilbride says:

    Literally died laughing at every Charlie Day scene. The organization of your clips was fantastic and definitely made for an interesting narrative. The only suggestion I have is to maybe consider changing the font in the title clips. It might look more polished / like a real trailer if you use a more standard font.

  3. codirae325 says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I really like how your music builds suspense throughout the remix. One suggestion I’d give is to possibly fade out the first audio clip you have that ends with “It’s all about slim chances now.” It seems like it ends too abruptly.

  4. fnha says:

    Really interesting trailer. I like the mix of humorous and serious scenes, the organization makes them go together well. The font does seem more suited to a creepier setting though.

  5. bsweeney17 says:

    I love that you made a movie trailer mixing together some of my favorite shows. Its done pretty well too. I think if you tried doing a voice over with a deep voice it would add to the title clips. I also agree with the font change for a more realistic look.

  6. sceraso says:

    this is EPIC! Great job Ken. The color and style of the font change is more comical than dramatic. I would suggest changing the font (perhaps check out font in other dramatic movie trailers). The color also needs to be adjusted to reflect the drama (perhaps red or white rather than pink:).

  7. Melissa says:

    After reading the other comments, I feel silly saying this, but I thought it was much more depressing than comical. Perhaps its because I don’t really watch any of the shows you used, but I was more effected in a sad way than anything else. However, since everyone else seemed to laugh, maybe you need to make your intent more obvious.

  8. kcbz13 says:

    I appreciate all the comments. I went with that particular font style because it looked sort of like it was drawn in blood. I also intended for this to be funny in an ironic sort of way — like it was a cheesy blockbuster trying too hard to be serious and it ends up being hilarious. I can change up the fonts though to make them look more blockbuster-ish. Also, I need to add more scenes of zombies so that its apparent the characters are talking about surviving a zombie apocalypse.

  9. dvose says:

    I’m with Mel on this one. I don’t watch the shows so I was saddened instead of lol-ing. But, the music is great and I absolutely love that clips were separated with text. Awesome job- it flowed seamlessly!

  10. regisfrey says:

    I’m using Orbitron for my title text. Trajan is ‘The Movie Font’. League Gothic also looks awesome for headlines, etc. If you’re set on blood/grunge fonts try or (more textured and less clean cut is going to look better and less tacky).

    Otherwise, even being familiar with many of the shows used, the narrative you build is a serious one only made humorous by the way you’ve manipulated the clips. I think it’d be better if you used more clips from humorous shows but kept with the theme of framing the clips in a serious light.

    Also, to show two people in a fancy restaurant after we heard about people being in the dark and in the woods seems like it derails the narrative. Perhaps keep that audio but use other video (where we can’t see the speakers mouth).

    Nice remix.

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