Remix Rough Draft

Hey guys, sorry it’s a little bare right now. I haven’t had access to premiere with all the bomb threats, but I’ll be finishing the remix in Movie Maker (sigh).


13 Comments on “Remix Rough Draft”

  1. codirae325 says:

    I like the pairing of similar clips from 1:03-1:05. Really cool! And the way you repeated the laughter of the cat adds to the creepiness (in a good way). Maybe cut down the black space between clips to a shorter time? It would make the whole piece flow better together.

  2. bsweeney17 says:

    I really like your remix and the whole idea behind it. I also think that your music choice is on point. Some of the black screen pauses in between the clips are a little long though. If I’d change anything I’d make some of these a few seconds shorter.

  3. bsweeney17 says:

    I really like your remix and the whole idea behind it. The music selection is on point too. Some of the black screen pauses in between the clips are a little long though. If I would change anything I’d make some of these a couple seconds shorter. It might help it flow a little more smoothly.

  4. sceraso says:

    This is great, Mike. These are really striking juxtapositions. What’s with the black space at the end? This may have been caused by not having your timeline ruler set at the end of your video before you exported…

  5. Dana Layne says:

    Dear Mike,

    I like the concept of this remix, and especially the appearance of Carl Sagan and Alice in Wonderland. I love the way that the graph of the hypothetical black hole mirrors the rabbit hole that Alice falls down. You might find some cool clips about space and time from, Donnie Darko, Cosmos the movie, or maybe some footage from The Universe/Through the Wormhole.

  6. sarahmauer says:

    Sweet so far, really cool concept. I agree with what everyone is saying about the black spaces, in some instances just audio and no video can be a neat effect, but sometimes it can be too long. You did say you had yet to finish it though, so perhaps you had yet to fully edit the black parts.

    (ps – you didn’t hear this from me, but Premiere can be easily downloaded on torrents so you don’t have to be a slave to the computer labs)

  7. digitw1t says:

    I kind of like the down time between clips. It makes the video that is there more striking. I don’t know if you should keep the black screen, but I think you should put something there that doesn’t take attention away from the video you have right now.

  8. dvose says:

    The music you chose is great. I personally don’t know who Carl Sagan is…. or what he is about but the connection with the graph like structure and Alice’s hole is perfect. More than that, I can’t say I have any more ideas (because of my lack of knowledge on the subject). But like Sarah noted, I’ve been using a 30-day trial version of Premiere that I got from Adobe’s website. It is a lifesaver during these disruptive times, in which I am avoiding the cathedral…

  9. jcgilbride says:

    Great song for the loop! I agree, I loved the cat. He was so creepy but funny-creepy, after the second time he came on screen I actually lol’d. Love the parallels you drew between Carl Sagan and Alice, really interesting theme. And yeah, my only suggestion would be to take out some of the black space between clips.

  10. fnha says:

    I really like it so far, and the repetition of clips seems to follow the rhythm well. A lot of black space, but I’m guessing it’s because this is not the final result yet. Don’t know who Carl Sagan is, but mixing what looks like a science clip with Alice in Wonderland is an interesting concept.

  11. Mike D says:

    Hey thanks for the comments guys. Sorry about all the black space. I haven’t had much chance to get into the lab, but it will definitely be filled with better content. Also, I really wish I could use Premiere at home, but it requires 64 bit support (super sigh).

  12. jasminerae0420 says:

    Hey cool remix Mike. I like the music paired with the clips. The cat’s laugh sounds like it could be a part of a song lol. I like the repetition. Like Codi said (definitely adds to the creepiness) lol. Good job so far! I feel your pain with Premiere. I just downloaded the free trial on my computer (it took all day smh)… I hope it works!

  13. Melissa says:

    I really like how you’re playing with Alice in Wonderland, I feel like since that is such surreal concept that there are a lot of ways you can go with that and I think that the music fits with it well.

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