Remix: Tribute to anime romance

Link to my remix page

Here’s my remix. Mostly complete except for the credits. Hopefully language isn’t an issue as I intended for the music to be more important. Hope you’ll like it and enjoy!


10 Comments on “Remix: Tribute to anime romance”

  1. sceraso says:

    Very well done, Francis. The transitions are very smooth and the quality of the editing is excellent as well. Perhaps adding a title page at the end (giving music credits, etc) would help put the final touches on this. A title page could also help the viewer understand what message you are trying to create by finding these romantic clips from anime.

  2. digitw1t says:

    I like it, and I don’t really have much to criticize you on. I enjoyed how many shows I recognized. Good job!

  3. sarahmauer says:

    Language was definitely not a problem, cause the concept of love transcends all languages! (corny but true). Anyway, good video, the song kinda sounded like it was skipping a bit when I was playing it, but that could’ve been an error on my computer/internet.

  4. bsweeney17 says:

    Not sure what to constructively say about your video. I never really watched anime but the intent is clear and language definitely didn’t affect it at all. The transitions in video and audio both flow smoothly. The story progresses nicely too.

  5. Dana Layne says:

    Dear Francis,

    The size and quality of your footage make a huge difference in this video. I had no problem with the language. I especially liked the ending from the fireworks till the flower petals falling. A was a great montage. Is the song copyright free? Other than that, good transitions and choice in video clips.

  6. jcgilbride says:

    This is so adorable! And incredibly well edited. I love the way the stories run parallel and the characters develop even though the remix is so short. Really great job!

  7. kcbz13 says:

    Very well done. It was like a romantic film trailer which was really cool. The song was also perfect.

  8. codirae325 says:

    Even though I’m not familiar with anime or the language, I could definitely tell what you were trying to get across. The music interacts well with the video and the different clips match together nicely! You tell a great story!

  9. Melissa says:

    I actually have a new respect for anime after watching this! There’s something really cool about the fact that I don’t know these characters so I don’t try to conceptualize it, I can just enjoy the happy moments.

  10. jasminerae0420 says:

    Very clear message in your remix. Romace! You definitely got what you were aiming for in your proposal when all of the romances climax at the same time. Like everyone said, good transitions and editing!

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