Strength&Beauty (Rough Cut) by Diana Vose

Click here to view!

Note: The images are HD but for some reason they are very pixelated… still working on that.


11 Comments on “Strength&Beauty (Rough Cut) by Diana Vose”

  1. digitw1t says:

    I like that the transition between pictures occurred more quickly when the song sped up, but I think you could have some more transitions and effects to make it more than just pictures and video.

  2. kcbz13 says:

    Love the music. I’m guessing the black and white was a style choice? I think it’d be neat to keep the b+w but maybe add a splash of color to some of the photos to make it pop more like your website. Still, a minor minor gripe!

  3. sarahmauer says:

    Agreed, perfect song choice to convey the meaning of your video. I definitely got that through the use of the song with the corresponding video and picture choices. However I do feel the use of more effects would add to the message…perhaps slow down one of the videos of the ballerina turning or something like that?

  4. bsweeney17 says:

    I like how you used a lot of pictures in your remix as opposed to more video like the others I’ve watched. Some of the pictures were in sync to the music but some were off. I think your remix would flow very nicely if you synced up all the quick picture transitions with the music.

  5. Dana Layne says:

    Dear Diana,

    I love the combination of rap and classical, and I think you can play with these contrasting ideas more in the video by playing with color and perhaps rhythm of the picture movement. Right now all the pictures change a solid beat, but it would be cool if you could match up the beat to the song, or add color according to the arc of the music playing. Are there other forms of ballet (perhaps nontraditional ones?), that might break between your photographs of beautiful ballerinas that we would expect to see? I’m thinking of footage from some of these reality dance shows that incorporate popular music or Save the Last Dance. I would like to see a little more movement. I love seeing the ballerinas dance to the music.

  6. sceraso says:

    Beautiful images and very appropriate music. I agree with others that the images and pics are a bit off at times. I wonder how you might sync them a little more tightly. Also, color may be a way to play with the drama and rhythm of your piece. I’m not sure if this happened for others, but when the credits were rolling they got cut a bit short (I didn’t see where your pics came from). Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with this!

  7. jcgilbride says:

    The pictures at the beginning are incredibly powerful but it felt kind of slideshow-y. Since the bass is so prevalent in your song, my suggestion would be to match the beat with photo transitions, especially where that fast double beat comes in. Throwing a few fast transitions might add drama to the photo segments.

  8. fnha says:

    Great choice of music. I think the message was conveyed quite well, I have also long admired the physical feats that ballerinas are capable of (especially balancing and flexibility) and the video so far portrays that.

  9. Mike D says:

    It has been mentioned before, but you chose a great track. I’m not sure whether it was intentional, but early in the remix, you had your transitions on the up beat. I think you could play with the timing and sync the transitions so that they formed a third rhythm on top of the other two.

  10. codirae325 says:

    This reminds me of Save The Last Dance for some reason! I love that you chose to use the majority of still images in your remix. You’re the only one that has done that so far. The random interjections of motion keeps the attention of the audience. If I were to suggest any changes, it would be to find one or more two video clips to add in, just to spice it up even more. Other than that, I love this!

  11. Melissa says:

    I really love the title of your video, I think it not only guides the viewer where you want them to go, but also paints a nice picture of ballet. I agree that it would be nice if you sped up the “slides” of the pictures when the tempo increases, especially around 1:20

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