Disney Princess Remix (Attempt #3)

Here’s my remix on YouTube since nothing else seems to be working.

Sorry for the excessive posts!

Disney Princess Remix


3 Comments on “Disney Princess Remix (Attempt #3)”

  1. sceraso says:

    Nice editing work, Codi! I think this flows nicely, but I think some scenes are more relevant than others (for instance, the ones about the clock don’t quite fit with your overall theme). It’s really disturbing to see these patterns in disney princesses! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I think that maybe music that’s more “bimbo-y” would be appropriate, but I really like what you’ve done with it! Especially Jasmine worshiping Aboo.

  3. dvose says:

    I love the beginning music, “Milkshake”- so great! I think maybe another reallllly inappropriate song for the ending clips would be hilarious. I also agree with Steph that some of the clips dont necessarily fit in with your idea. Otherwise I think its great! I love how it really sounds like a remix.

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