Strength&Beauty (Rough Cut) by Diana Vose

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Note: The images are HD but for some reason they are very pixelated… still working on that.


Using vimeo as your media player

Hi all!

As I began wrapping up my narrative video and continuing work for my independent project, I realized that I wanted to find a great way to embed my videos in my website.  I wanted it to be a clean and simple design for my narrative video but I wanted to create a cool pop-out media player for my independent project.  So I turned to the internet, of course.  And not only did I find great steps to embedding vimeo files to my site, this tutorial also helped to explain how to embed a pop-out player. What a great 2-fer!

This tutorial, titled How to embed videos from vimeo, explains the simple way to put these videos directly in your site.  The player is asthetically pleasing and wont junk up the look of your site. So check it out!

A brief summary of the tutorial:

Although this is not in the tutorial, make a vimeo account and upload your videos to there. It will make it easy to access your video library if you forgot your flash drive or want to show friends on the internet.

For a simple video embedding, once you are viewing the video you want, click the embed button on the right side of the video. Vimeo will then provide you with code to put straight into your site!

A cool fact to know, before you copy your code, take a look down at the bottom of the dialog box for customizable player options! This allows you to change the colors and size of the video you will be embedding. How awesome!?

Changing the look of your player.

Check out the tutorial for more tips and tricks!


Pointy corners? Clean them up with CSS3.

Round edges.

Removing the point on your images or text boxes can easily make your webpage feel softer and more inviting to your guests.  With some simple CSS code you can transform your website from stiff to fun!  I found 25 Rounded Corner Techniques with CSS very helpful.  In this list of articles, you can find code for making text boxes with varying levels of roundedness and adding shadow.

The trick used to make the edges round is adding a simple border-radius property.  The smaller px you use the less round your edge will be. Seems kinda intuitive, right? It is.

Give it a try!

Video Shooting advice

Being a novice at filming videos, I turned to the web to find some good instruction on how to shoot professional looking videos.  I came across several articles about how to do this, but I found this particular article useful: 12 Tips for Shooting Better Video

This article was helpful for deciding how I want to position the subject of my shot in the the frame.  It suggested to place the subject off-center to allow greater view of the background and to add interest. This is something I didn’t think of, but I know want to utilize.  The article also included tips such as avoiding overuse of zoom and cautioning against too much backlighting.  I hope this article can be useful for you as well when shooting your narrative videos!

A chilling narrative video

I spent several hours viewing short films and narrative videos on YouTube to find something that really struck me.  The video I am analyzing, titled “This is the world we live in”, is not the fanciest or most creative video I watched.  It was however the most striking and to-the-point.  Those qualities made me want to watch it again and again and it is the video I am going to analyze.

This short video is a compilation of videos that display the juxtaposition of  life in America to other third world countries. The video does not utilize a script but relies on dramatic music and visually stimulating pictures.  The pictures alone, successfully display the message of the video.

After viewing this video what were your thoughts?

For me, I questioned how life for myself could be so much richer than that of a girl my age in a third world country.  Was it solely because of where I live? Is it because of the leadership of my country? At one time were the lives of those poor people better? I was struck with a million thoughts after watching this video.

A video that stimulates such questions and thoughts is a successful one.  In one minute and ten seconds my mindset and emotional feelings were changed. Regardless of the novice quality of the video a message was effectively spread.

This Photoshop trick may save you a lot of headache…

In the midst of finishing my Phase 3 Photo Essay composite, blending my photos and such, I ran into a dilemma.  I had selected an image in one of my photos that was being moved to another photo but I had forgotten to resize the image first.  In my laziness I went searching for a way I could save the selection without having to go through the hassle of completely re-selecting it.  Lucky for me there is a way to do just that!

After your image is selected, making sure you are on the background layer, simply right click the selection and save it!

Click Save Selection

Resize your image, and then right click and click Load Selection.

Click on Load Selection to load your saved selection

Its a super simple trick but it will save a lot of time down the line!

Need color inspiration?

Are you lacking color inspiration for your website? Head on over to!

This great website uses pictures of ordinary but beautiful things, like nature scenes, spices or exotic far-off places, and arranges the colors from the picture into an array of five complimentary colors. I stumbled across this site on Pinterest during a procrastination bender. But, to my delight I can say that no longer was that a waste of my time! This site allows you to select a specific color and then matches it with several different combinations that include your color of interest. For example, I love muted purples and so all of the following combinations were selected for me…

There is even the option to select a color to find the red, green and blue color values that constitute it.  I matched those values on the Color Wizard from to get the hex code for use in building my website.

I also think that the Design Seeds website is beautifully arranged.  It is easy to use and highly interactive with easy navigation from page to page.  I found it very inspirational in terms of how I would like to set up my website.

So, take some time to explore this site. It will be worth your time and maybe you will discover inspiration for your own projects!