Short Clip From my Remix… Greed is Good (Rough Cut)

So guys here is a short clip from my remix… excuse the roughness of the video. I haven’t had access to Premiere so I’ve been working with imovie. Still working on it and putting together my clips to make a cohesive video. I’m open to any suggestions! It’s not much… more coming soon…

Greed is Good (Rough Cut Remix) from Jasmine I on Vimeo.


Split Screen Effect in Premiere

For my independent project, I intend to show two contrasting ideas in a video.  To do this, I will use the split screen effect.  In teaching myself how to achieve the split screen effect, I came across two videos offering two different methods.  The first video suggests that you scale down the size of your videos evenly, which is under the motion tab.  If you expand the motion tab, there are options to scale and reposition your videos.  The other suggests that you crop your video.  This option is under video effects as well.  You can crop out certain parts of your video so that both can fit on the screen.  With this option you have to be conscious of this when you are filming as well.  You may want to film at a certain angle, being aware what part you will want to crop out.  Whichever option you choose, both methods are actually simpler than I thought. It’s a nice skill to have in your book of knowledge about Premiere. Check out these video tutorials for a detail description!



JavaScript Confusion…

We’ve recently been assigned to embed several proposals on our site.  These things are pretty text heavy and we all know that too much text can turn people away from your site.  So, I took it upon myself to try to embed some JavaScript in my site that would allow people simply read an excerpt or to click read more if they wanted to see the entire text.  I attempted to clean up my website and lessen the amount of text on my page.  However, I failed miserably.  There must be some sort of syntax error in my code or it may possibly because I am less than an amateur when it comes to JavaScript.  Let me provide you with the same tools and guidance I used and maybe you guys can do a better job!  It’s a great tool to have.  Once you get the hang of JavaScript it can really do great things for your site.  It assigns behaviors to elements in your website allowing some interactive features on your site. If you’re interested in collapsible and expandable type on your site, please take a stab at this short ehow tutorial and let me know how it works out. I could really use some tips because I’d really like to use this feature to clean up my site.  Thanks guys and good luck!

-Jasmine Rae

Download Cool New Tools for Photoshop!

You are no longer limited to the tools provided to you on Photoshop! There is a world of downloadable tools available to you on the world wide web that can make you photo essays look much more awesome.  Let us make use of them… what do you say?  The new tools I discovered are brush tools.  There are a variety of brushes you can download and with them you can create cool effects.

The last four brushes are ones downloaded from the internet to create the awesome fractured image effect shown in the video.





Using these ☝ downloaded brushes, you can spruce up your phase 2 or phase 3 images like so:









Cool Right? Well you can download the brushes used in this tutorial from Adobe Exchange.  Sign up for an Adobe account, (it’s free…), and you can download a variety of new tools for Photoshop and other Abode programs!  Once you’ve downloaded your new brushes, learn how to create the paint splatter dispersion effect shown above by watching this video: Fractured Image Effect- Photoshop.  Hope your trials turn out as cool as the video!  ***My first try didn’t–haha.  BUT remember, practice makes perfect folks.

-Jasmine 🙂

Apples, so sleek and tasteful… Yum!

I am a strong supporter of Apple–yes even before the hype… I come from an Apple family, haha. They’re known for innovation and awareness of what their customer needs and the Apple website is no exception. Every time I open safari on my Apple, I am welcomed by the sleek yet simple design of  It is the perfect balance between simplicity and function and tasteful design.  While the design does not consist of an array of colorful themes, it makes up for it in high quality images that almost pop out of the screen and functional navigation.

The design of the site fits well with the Apple brand and the product–sleek and modern.  The color scheme is silver and grey, similar to the Macbook Pro I’m currently typing on right now as a matter of fact, haha.







The apple site is very easy to navigate.  With the wide variety of services and products provided by apple, the site manages to provide a lot of content without seeming too cluttered.  Everything is clickable.  The navigation is broken down by product.  With each page you get a quick snapshot of everything and the option to click for a more detailed description.

This page, for example, is for the iPod.  It is complete with a flash list of iPod products (all clickable) and iTunes product.  The balance of soft and bold print also aid the navigation. The site also contains clickable Flash slideshows displaying all of the apple products.







While the site is for the consumer, the site is tastefully worded so that customers do not feel pressured to buy, but can actually make an informed decision. Wording is very important in a website.  There’s just enough information to get you wanting more and click on the links.  Every new link offers the opportunity to “Learn More.”  The site, however, is not a page full of new links.  It’s very image based and pleasing to the eye.

The Apple website is a GREAT example of a good website. See for yourself at Apple.

Make those Colors Pop!

A fun and simple technique to use in Photoshop, isolating colors allows certain hues to POP in your pictures.  I never knew how to do this, then finally looked up how to do it using the most useful tool on the web, GOOGLE, and… VIOLA… it’s simple as pie!  Follow these few steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Choose a pic

I chose my beautiful sissy Rihanna as my practice muse… haha. But feel free to pick whom or whatever you’d like! Open the picture in photoshop.  Double click the background layer to unlock the layer. Rename it and press OK.










HINT: The better quality your picture, the easier it will be to isolate the colors in your pic.

Step 2: Magic Wand Tool

Use the Magic wand tool from your toolbar to select the part of the image with the color you want to POP.  Zoom in to make your selection more precise. I chose RiRi’s red hair and lips. Notice the marching ants surrounding my selection in the picture below. After selecting copy and paste (command C + command V) your selection into the layer section, which should create a new layer.







Step 3: Turn everything else black and white

Finally, turn your background layer black and white by clicking the menu bar —> image>adjustments>desaturate.  Your background image should now be black and white.











Step 4: Congrats! You’ve isolated colors in Photoshop.  Your final image should look something like this:











VIOLA! It’s done 🙂